Big School 2019 - Room To Grow

The Belgrade Theatre Coventry Presents

Big School 2019 - Room To Grow

Friday 31 May & Saturday 1 June 2019

  • Presented at B2 stage
  • Tickets: Adults: £6.50 Children: £10.50

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Things are changing. Last day of term is looming and Mo isn’t sure he’s ready for secondary school. He’d much prefer to hang out in his den and play than worry about new teachers, big kids and his very large blazer. He really needs someone to talk to, but Dad’s away and his best friend Ash has concerns of her own. Mo’s going to need your help if he’s going to be ready for Big School.

Room To Grow is an interactive theatre experience for children aged 8-11. The show combines live performance with participatory activities designed to help children to explore their feelings about change and understand the tools we need to navigate it.

Seating is unreserved and in-the-round, to fully experience the participatory performance. Children will be seated on the floor directly around the performance area, adults will have seats very nearby.

Fri 31 May 1:30pm Book Tickets
Sat 1 Jun 10:30am Book Tickets
Sat 1 Jun 1:30pm Book Tickets
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