Dinner 18.55

Leeds Playhouse presents

Dinner 18:55

Part of Connectivity and Community: Celebrating with the over 50s

Friday 17 May 2019

  • Presented at B2 stage
  • Tickets: £6 Concessions: £3

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In our increasingly busy lives we no longer make time to spend together.

Embark on an adventure where two generations make time to share a meal and a conversation. This intergenerational performance nourishes the palate and the soul as we discover what we can learn from each other at dinner time. Dinner 18:55 is a project from Leeds Playhouse’s Creative Engagement department, who use theatre to open possibilities for people of all ages and backgrounds.

In October 2018 Leeds Playhouse invited young people and older people to collaborate together as part of a new intergenerational project. Over the next six months, the 18 strong company from Leeds City Region, including participants from Leeds Playhouse’s Older People’s Programme and Youth Programme, worked together to devise Dinner 18:55. Discovering their similarities and working through their differences, the company found friendship and inspiration, as well as discovering unbounded creativity when working together.

Devised by Creative Engagement
Directed by Maggie De Ruyck
Designed by Laura Ann Price
Composer Christella Litras
Sound Design Charlotte Bickley

Running time: 1 Hour

Fri 17 May 5:30pm
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