Green Leaves Fall

Strictly Arts Theatre Company in association with the Belgrade Theatre presents

Green Leaves Fall

Wednesday 29 April – Saturday 2 May 2015

  • Presented at B2 stage
  • Tickets: £8.50 - £13.75. Concessions: £8.50 - £11.75.

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Green Leaves Fall is Strictly Arts Theatre Company’s follow up production to Solids & Liquids, the brilliant debut show from this exciting new physical theatre company that brings inspirational performances to all races, creeds and cultures.

From despair to hope, then straight back to where we start. Disillusion only comes when there is hope found in our heart.

When a young boy is adopted by a loving family it appears that he will get opportunities that he could never even dream of. However he continuously finds himself being held back and torn apart from those he learned to call family. With life spiralling out of control and his hope destroyed, can this troubled soul be brought back from darkness?

This play explores two of the most pressing social issues of our time – Inequality and Unemployment.

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Wed 29 Apr 8:00pm
Thu 30 Apr 8:00pm
Fri 1 May 8:00pm
Sat 2 May 2:15pm
Sat 2 May 8:00pm
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