Dee Byrne's Entropi & Corey Mwamba's Yana double bill

Dee Byrne's Entropi & Corey Mwamba's Yana double bill

Saturday 28 November 2015

  • Presented at Fargo Village
  • Tickets: £10.75. Concessions: £8.75.

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These guys got together in Stratford-upon-Avon on a dark and stormy night in November 2008, and from there have undertaken a Jazz Services national tour; performed at Manchester Jazz Festival; and supported US jazz saxophone legend David Murray. The music is a free-wheeling, spontaneous mixture of styles.

The trio has developed a process entirely focussed on creating highly expressive live music that’s full of grooves and sounds composed, but is not; and playing compositions that don’t sound composed at all, but are. How it all works is not always clear; but the process is always fascinating to hear, and the results can be truly moving.

Corey Mwamba vibraphone | Dave Kane basses | Joshua Blackmore drums

Space jazz quintet led by Dee Byrne, currently making waves with their debut album. Juggling order and chaos, composition and improvisation, they take listeners on an exploration of the musical cosmos. New Era was released on the F-IRE Presents label on 1st June 2015. ‘Interesting, stimulating music that is quite hard to pigeonhole gripped by a strong group instinct that moves from hard bop and structured modal sounds into more improv soaked free-bop.’ Marlbank

Dee Byrne alto saxophone | Percy Pursglove trumpet | Rebecca Nash piano Matt Fisher drums | Olie Brice bass

PLEASE NOTE this event takes place at Fargo Village and not at the Belgrade Theatre.

Sat 28 Nov 8:00pm