Just FX Pyrotechnics Course

Just FX Pyrotechnics Course

Monday 23 February

  • Presented at Belgrade Main stage

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Pyro Awareness Course

The typical schedule of the course includes:

• Workshop presentation
• Live device demonstrations
• Videos
• Handouts
• An observation exercise
• Delegates pressing buttons
• History
• Accidents
• Flame Proofing
• Maroons & Concussion – Bomb Tanks
• Flashpots
• Jets and Gerbs
• Series Wiring
• Testing
• Paperwork
• Law
• Storage
HSE Competent Authority Documents
• Risk Assessments
• Material Safety Data– COSHH
• Transport Emergency Cards – TREM

Equipment and devices used, demonstrated or viewed during the course include products from:

Le Maitre – ProStage
Theatrical Pyrotechnics
LunaTech – PyroPak

• Start 9am
• Coffee/Tea facilities for Delegates during the day.
• Lunch – 1 hour taken between 12:30pm – 2pm
• Finish 5:30pm (approx)

… and after lunch, delegates are separated into small groups and provided with control systems and pyrotechnic devices and required to set up and ignite the effects in a “not too serious competitive” manner to demonstrate their ability and understanding of the safety issues referred to in the morning session. Three points being awarded for correct ignition and control of devices and ten points for igniting something belonging to another group!!! …
We are sure you get the idea!

Towards the end of the afternoon session we re-join the separated groups to work together to provide a small presentation using professional devices including Grid Rockets, Flames, Airbursts, Saxon Wheels, Waterfalls, Mines and Comets.

And “yes” we do provide a certificate of training at the end of the course.

Mon 23 Feb 9:15am Sold Out