One Year Off

Fred Theatre presents

One Year Off

Tuesday 5 January 2016

  • Presented at Belgrade Theatre
  • Tickets: £10.75

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One Year Off tells the story of a United Kingdom deprived of its greatest passion: football. In this surreal comic dystopia, a blanket-ban has been imposed on the ‘beautiful game’ in all its forms for 12 months. Any British citizen found to be engaging with the sport can, and will, be imprisoned. And for once, there seems to be cross-party support for the policy.

Told through the eyes of four people defined by football, One Year Off is a play about grief, desperation and delusion, and how we confront challenges to our identity. Both die hard fans and soccer sceptics will find a character to support.

Contains strong language and sexual references.

Running time: approx 70 mins

Please note: This performance will take place in the first-floor restaurant.

Tue 5 Jan 7:30pm