A Play, a Pie and a Pint

A Paines Plough and Òran Mór production

A Play, a Pie and a Pint

Tues 25 Oct – Fri 11 Nov 2011

  • Presented at The Patrick Suite
  • Tickets: £10.75 including a pie and a pint (Wine and soft drink are also available)

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After the success of last year, A Play, a Pie and a Pint returns to the Belgrade this autumn with three world premieres by some of the UK’s hottest playwrights – Dig by Katie Douglas, You Cannot Go Forward From Where You Are Right Now by David Watson and Juicy Fruits by Leo Butler.

Please note, the play previously advertised as Eternal Source of Light is now entitled Juicy Fruits. To find out why, have a look at the Paines Plough blog post.

All three plays will be directed by James Grieve and George Perrin.

These hugely successful events will take place at 1pm and 6pm on Tuesdays to Thursdays and 1pm on Fridays, giving you the choice either to while away your lunchtime or unwind in the early evening, watching a brilliant 45 minute play – with a tasty pie and refreshing pint to top it all off!

You can watch video interviews with the writers of all three plays by clicking on the links below:

Dig by Katie Douglas

You Cannot Go Forward From Where You Are Right Now by David Watson

Juicy Fruits by Leo Butler

Tue 25 Oct 1:00pm
Tue 25 Oct 6:00pm
Wed 26 Oct 1:00pm
Wed 26 Oct 6:00pm
Thu 27 Oct 1:00pm
Thu 27 Oct 6:00pm
Fri 28 Oct 1:00pm
Tue 1 Nov 1:00pm
Tue 1 Nov 6:00pm
Wed 2 Nov 1:00pm
Wed 2 Nov 6:00pm
Thu 3 Nov 1:00pm Cancelled
Thu 3 Nov 6:00pm
Fri 4 Nov 1:00pm
Tue 8 Nov 1:00pm
Tue 8 Nov 6:00pm
Wed 9 Nov 1:00pm
Wed 9 Nov 6:00pm
Thu 10 Nov 1:00pm
Thu 10 Nov 6:00pm
Fri 11 Nov 1:00pm

“A Play, a Pie and a Pint is a great theatrical innovation, and I’ll be back for more.”

Birmingham Post

“…the perfect way to spend a lunch hour.”

Coventry Telegraph

“This exploration of the emotional effects of an economic climate where job security is a fantasy asks tough questions, and asks them very well.”

Edinburgh Evening News on Dig by Katie Douglas

The Plays


A new play by Katie Douglas

They’ve stripped away and stolen but I won’t take a thing. I’m here. I’m strong. Lean on me.

Tommy’s feeling hard done by. He’s been the boss for 20 years but now his dream has come tumbling down, what’s he got to show for it?

His brother Dean makes a quick buck as a cabbie. Dean’s got a surprise for Tommy to cheer him up – a job with the cab company.

Brenda, Tommy’s dutiful wife, just wants a decent vacuum and two weeks in Butlins.

In an unstable world, what matters more – your pride or providing?

You cannot go forward from where you are right now

A new play by David Watson

He’s not living in the world anymore. He has his wires coming out of both ears, and blackberry glued to one hand, updating this, and sending this to this, but what’s he sharing – nothing, he’s passing on nothing to nothing.

It’s lunch time. You go for a pint. You listen to…

A father and his estranged daughter trying to find a connection.

Radio DJs, Gaz and Gary, gabbing on and on.

A man with his dogin the pub. Woof.

The voices in your head.


In a society where communication is easier than ever before, have we forgotten how to talk?

Juicy Fruits

A new play by Leo Butler.

‘Look at the world, Lorna, look! Do you think I left the Orang-Utans just to watch you cry into your prune juice and gobble up my croissant? I mean, just who the f**k is this woman anyway, Lorna? Who is this f**king woman?’

Lorna and Nina haven’t seen each other since a drunken wedding reception six years ago.

Whilst Lorna’s been journeying through the urban jungle and reached destination housewife, Nina’s been running wild in the jungles of Borneo.

Reunited over lattes and pastries, their friendship is tested to the limit and the question is asked: does civil exist in civilisation?

The Pie and the Pint

To accompany your pint, glass of wine or soft drink, there will be at least one meat and one vegetarian pie option.

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