Shoot Festival 2017

Shoot Festival in association with The Belgrade Theatre

Shoot Festival 2017

Friday 17 March 2017

  • Presented at B2 stage
  • Tickets: £9

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On 17 March three exciting new Shoot Festival companies will take over the B2 space for an evening which celebrates Coventry and Warwickshire’s most talented emerging artists. Crossing art forms, backgrounds and telling unique stories it is sure to delight and entertain.
The Triple Bill includes:

Kinfolk Collective – Beat & Wolf (A Kinfolk Double Bill)
Physical theatre company Kinfolk Collective present two short pieces, Beat looks at how we each live through our own musical tracks, while Wolf is a contemporary reworking of the tale of Red Riding Hood, combining folk, dance, and the wild.

Glow – Letters from the Front
Letters from the Front is a true story of love in the First World War, sensitively brought to life by Gloria and Francis Lowe with a fusion of traditional storytelling and digital media.

Susie Sillett – Sleepless Dreams
In a fun, funny, frenetic piece of storytelling, Susie Sillett seeks to explore the nature of dreams, where we go when we sleep, and how we tell subconscious stories; using song, dance, and lots of ribbons.

“Shoot is a vital, energetic and vibrant event that in showcasing the work of a whole host of incredibly talented Coventry artists was a genuine celebration of the extraordinary range of work by the city’s theatre makers.” Tessa Walker, Associate Director, Birmingham REP Theatre

To find out more about the other events included in Shoot Festival 2017 running over 17th and 18th March please visit our website.

Fri 17 Mar 8:00pm

Triple Bill - Letters from The Front

Posted by anon on 6th March 2017

As rehearsals for the Triple Bill are well under way, I managed to grab some time with Gloria Lowe to talk more about their local love story Letters from The Fro... Read more

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