The Counterfeit Stones

The Counterfeit Stones

Fri 24 May

  • Presented at Belgrade Main stage
  • Tickets: £17.50 - £24.75 Concessions: £15.50 - £22.75

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The Counterfeit Stones celebrate their 22nd anniversary and Sir Mick’s 70th birthday with yet another Sham Rock experience, Knock up Your Daughters.

“The most famous Stones band in England.” Sir Mick Jagger

Their skillfully mixed cocktail of classic hits, retro costume and humour continues to intoxicate both young and old. This hooky masterpiece, hilariously mockumenting the history of the Rolling Stones from 1962, will bring back the nostalgia if you were there, or if you weren’t, make you wish you were!

Fri 24 May 7:45pm

Dancing in the Auditorium

We know that some of our audiences love to get up and have a dance when they come to see musical tribute bands at the Belgrade, and that’s fine by us.

We do, however, have a number of patrons that want either to remain seated and enjoy watching the performers, or simply aren’t physically able to stand up for long periods of time.

To try to please everyone, we ask audiences to stay seated until at least half an hour after the interval, at which point people are free to stand up and dance unless this blocks other patrons’ views or disturbs their enjoyment. Under these circumstances audience members should re-take their seat or move into the aisle – although it should be noted that the latter may still disturb other patrons’ views.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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