The Father

The Belgrade Theatre presents

The Father

By August Strindberg. A new version by Laurie Slade. Directed by Joe Harmston.

Sat 31 March – Sat 14 April 2012

  • Presented at Belgrade Main stage
  • Tickets: £14 - £27.50

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“Am I – or am I not – the child’s father?”

A brand new Belgrade Theatre production, The Father is a highly-charged, compelling drama by August Strindberg, directed by Joe Harmston in a new version by Laurie Slade.

An uneasy stand-off exists between the Captain and his wife, Laura. But a disagreement over the future of their daughter, Bertha, triggers an all out war.

Laura will stop at nothing to gain control of her daughter’s education and when she suggests to the Captain that he may not actually be the girl’s father at all, she sets a chain of events in motion that cannot be stopped.

Joe Harmston’s acclaimed productions of Agatha Christie plays have been hugely successful at the Belgrade in recent years.

Complementary perspectives on the battle of the sexes are explored by the Belgrade this season with The Father and Nora, Ingmar Bergman’s adaptation of A Doll’s House. The Father was Strindberg’s response to A Doll’s House. Starting with an explosive power-struggle between a married couple both plays move towards equally devastating but radically different outcomes.

Both The Father and Nora follow previous Belgrade productions such as Uncle Vanya and Scenes from a Marriage in a line of plays which examine the nature of marriage – a timeless issue as relevant today as it was when these classic plays were first written.

Please note: this production contains strong language.

Running time: 1 hour 40 mins with no interval.

Sat 31 Mar 7:45pm Preview
Mon 2 Apr 7:45pm Preview
Tue 3 Apr 7:00pm
Wed 4 Apr 7:45pm
Thu 5 Apr 7:45pm
Sat 7 Apr 2:30pm
Sat 7 Apr 7:45pm
Wed 11 Apr 2:30pm
Wed 11 Apr 7:45pm
Thu 12 Apr 7:45pm Post-Show Discussion
Fri 13 Apr 7:45pm Captioned Performance
Sat 14 Apr 2:30pm Audio Described
Sat 14 Apr 7:45pm

The Women of The Father: Sat 14 April 11.30am – 1pm
Venue: Herbert Art Gallery & Museum

This is a special event from the Herbert about the role of women in 19th century society to complement The Father.

See examples from the Herbert’s collection and listen to experts from their team and Coventry University.

Dr. Cathy Hunt from Coventry University is working with Ali Wells, who curates the Herbert’s costume collection, to develop a talk covering aspects of women’s lives in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This will cover family life, marriage, motherhood and child rearing, as well as changing legislation, working patterns and leisure.

Costume from the Herbert’s collection will be used to illustrate the talk.

Tickets to this event are FREE to anyone who buys a ticket to The Father and for Friends of the Belgrade and Friends of the Herbert. Alternatively tickets for the event alone can be purchased from the Herbert, priced £3.50.

The Father

Join the director and writer for a FREE workshop about The Father

Posted on 30th March 2012

Join director Joe Harmston and writer Laurie Slade in a complimentary pre-show workshop and post-show discussion about The Father on Monday 2 April. Read more

Sofie Gråbøl as Sarah Lund in The Killing.

The Scandinavian Zeitgeist – from The Killing to The Father

Posted on 28th March 2012

A century before THE KILLING, BORGEN, WALLANDER and THE MILLENIUM TRILOGY, another Scandinavian golden era gave us playwrights Ibsen and Strindberg. The Belgrade ... Read more

Audience reaction to The Father

Watch our audiences review The Father

Posted by anon on 4th April 2012

We asked some of our audience members what they thought of The Father - watch what they said here! Read more

Joe Harmston, Director of The Father

Joe Harmston on the challenges of rehearsals

Posted by anon on 30th March 2012

Director of The Father, Joe Harmston, talks about his experience and the demands of the rehearsal process. Read more

Mike Robertson, Lighting Designer

Lighting Designer Mike Robertson shares with us his vision for The Father

Posted by anon on 29th March 2012

Mike tells us about the inspiration behind his design and gives us his take on rehearsals so far. Read more

Staten Cousins-Roe gives us an update on tech rehearsals for The Father

Posted by anon on 29th March 2012

Staten Cousins-Roe took time out from technical rehearsals for The Father to tell us a bit more about what we'll see and hear onstage during the show and his... Read more

Staten Cousins-Roe on the set of The Father on the Main Stage

Listen to a teaser snippet of music from The Father

Posted by anon on 28th March 2012

We've managed to get our hands on a teaser snippet of music from The Father - listen to it here for a taste of what to expect! Read more

An intimate scene between the Nurse and the Wife.

The technical rehearsals of The Father in pictures

Posted by anon on 28th March 2012

Check out these photos that we took of the actors rehearsing in The Father on the Main Stage - the set and lighting looks amazing! Read more

Holly Earl (playing Bertha) from The Father.

Video: Holly Earl chats to us backstage during technical rehearsals for The Father

Posted by anon on 28th March 2012

In the madness of technical rehearsals, we chat backstage to Holly Earl about her character, costume (complete with Converse!) and how she's finding her thea... Read more

Laurence Kennedy (playing the Pastor) from The Father.

Video: We talk to Laurence Kennedy backstage during technical rehearsals for The Father

Posted by anon on 28th March 2012

On the first full day of technical rehearsals for The Father, we managed to grab a quick chat backstage with Laurence Kennedy - in full costume as the Pastor - ab... Read more

The cast of The Father pose for costume snaps!

Posted by anon on 28th March 2012

During technical rehearsals, we grabbed a few of the actors from the Father cast to take some snaps of them in costume. Read more

An update on rehearsals for The Father from Barbara Young

Posted by anon on 21st March 2012

We caught up with Barbara Young, who is playing the Nurse in The Father, to see how rehearsals have been going and to find out more about her character. Read more

Staten Cousins -Roe (playing Nöjd) from The Father

Staten Cousins-Roe on playing Nöjd in The Father

Posted by anon on 21st March 2012

Staten Cousins-Roe, who is playing Nöjd in The Father, takes time out of rehearsals to tell us a bit about his character and how his actions underpin the sto... Read more

Katy Stephens on returning to the Belgrade for The Father

Posted by anon on 14th March 2012

In this video we chat to Katy Stephens about returning to the Belgrade to play the role of Laura in The Father. Read more

The Father cast (from L - R): Patrick Toomey (playing Doctor Östermark), Barbara Young (Nurse), Katy Stephens (Laura), Holly Earl (Bertha), Joe Dixon (Captain), Laurence Kennedy (Pastor) and Staten Cousins-Roe (Nöjd).

We meet and greet the cast of The Father

Posted by anon on 19th March 2012

The cast and production team of The Father are now in the theatre for the final two weeks of rehearsals before the show opens on Sat 31 March, and in true Belgrad... Read more

Katy Stephens - Laura

Award-winning RSC actors Katy Stephens and Joe Dixon to star in The Father

Posted by anon on 6th March 2012

Meet the cast of The Father, which includes award-winning RSC actors Joe Dixon and Katy Stephens. Read more

Joe Dixon on playing the Captain in The Father

Posted by anon on 6th March 2012

In this interview we talk to Joe Dixon about playing the Captain in The Father and we ask what the cast will be getting up to during rehearsals. Read more

Laurie Slade explains how his version of The Father differs to Strindberg's original

Posted by anon on 2nd March 2012

We caught up with Laurie Slade to find out how his new version of August Strindberg's The Father will differ to the original. Read more

Writer Laurie Slade talks about his new version of The Father

Posted by anon on 2nd March 2012

This year we're marking the centenary of August Strindberg's death with a brand new version of The Father by Laurie Slade. In this interview we ask Laur... Read more

Director Joe Harmston tells us why The Father is a follow up to Nora

Posted by anon on 8th February 2012

In this video the director of our upcoming production of The Father, Joe Harmston, tells us why the play is considered a follow up to Nora. Read more

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