Three Witches

Hoopla Productions in association with The Belgrade Theatre present

Three Witches

By Philip Monks | Music by Christopher Ash & Paul Herbert | Directed by Jenny Stephens | Designed by Dawn Allsopp

4 - 12 October 2013

  • Presented at B2 stage
  • Tickets: Adults £7.25, Children £5.25

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Three Witches is the tale of Roy and Beth, brother and sister, on the road together. Always being moved on, they find themselves at the castle where Macbeth was once King. There they meet the Laird, the crow and Hagwitch, the castle Keeper. She challenges them to spend the night, lift the ancient curse and become the new King and Queen. But things are not as they seem and the three witches are up to their old tricks.

Will Beth and Roy complete the challenge or will their rivalry get the better of them?

With witches, ghosts, spells and potions, songs and scares along the way, Three Witches draws on elements of Macbeth to tell a modern story of action and adventure.

This exciting tale is brought to you by Hoopla Productions, the team behind The Night Queen. The style is comic Gothic, with rumbustious action, original songs and striking effects.

Treat yourself and your young ones to a thrilling, action-packed 60 minutes of unforgettable music theatre.

Fri 4 Oct 7:00pm Sold Out
Sat 5 Oct 2:45pm
Sat 5 Oct 7:00pm Limited Availability
Tue 8 Oct 10:30am
Tue 8 Oct 1:30pm
Wed 9 Oct 10:30am
Wed 9 Oct 1:30pm Limited Availability
Thu 10 Oct 10:30am
Thu 10 Oct 1:30pm
Fri 11 Oct 10:30am
Fri 11 Oct 7:00pm Limited Availability
Sat 12 Oct 11:30am
Sat 12 Oct 2:45pm Limited Availability
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