Truth or Dare

The Belgrade Community & Education Company presents

Truth or Dare

Thurs 26 - Sat 28 Apr

  • Presented at B2 stage

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When learning to accept the truth, a group of young people and those around them discover that the right choice is not always the easiest one. Do they dare find the answers they might not want to hear? A series of interconnecting stories explores what happens when saving yourself could mean hurting the ones you love.

This production is part of the Creative Gymnasium project, which the Belgrade Theatre Community & Education Company is championing to stimulate engagement with the arts as a way to promote health and well-being – both through participating in arts activity and as a way of exploring key issues.

The aim of the Community & Education Company’s work is to give a voice to young people and their experiences. The nature and use of language may sometimes make for uncomfortable listening, however we feel it is important that the young people’s voices are heard. We hope that you do not find this language and depiction shocking or see it in any way gratuitous, but will see that it is an essential tool to challenge and open up discussion about the lives of young people today.

Thu 26 Apr 7:00pm Sold Out
Fri 27 Apr 7:00pm
Sat 28 Apr 2:45pm
Sat 28 Apr 7:00pm
Jennifer Farmer, Writer of Truth or Dare.

Interview with Jennifer Farmer

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Rehearsals of Truth or Dare

Latest update on Truth or Dare rehearsals

Posted by anon on 3rd April 2012

Memebers of Acting Out Year 11 discuss the skills the y have learnt from rehearsals and tell us a bit about the characters they will be playing. Read more

Truth or Dare

Interviews with the cast of Truth or Dare

Posted by anon on 21st March 2012

We spoke to the cast of Truth or Dare following the first read through of the script for the upcoming production. Read more