Careers in the Performing Arts Industry

Posted on 8 December 2016

Here at the Belgrade, we provide schools with the opportunity to introduce their pupils to the wide range of careers available in the performing arts.

We hold Open Doors – Off Stage Choices once a year as a chance for students to gain an insight into theatre professions and the range of careers available in the performing arts industry, whilst tailor-made workshops with a range of theatre staff are available at a fee all year round.

To highlight the work that we do, have created a free educational resource called Careers Behind the Curtain which informs pupils about jobs in the theatre industry. The five films across the series provide an insightful look at the diverse range of careers that are possible in the performing arts industry, and aims to raise the aspirations of young people hoping to pursue a career in this sector.

For more information please contact A free Careers Behind the Curtain activity sheet is available to accompany these films. To request a copy please email or call 024 7684 6741.

Filmed and edited by Chris Bradley, Willowmann Productions

Motion Graphics by John Hedley