Podcast: Aimee Powell on beatboxing and bodycon

Posted on 6 February 2020

Following a stint in our immersive show Club 2B over Christmas, local actor Aimee Powell is back at the Belgrade in 2020, starring in the stage premiere of Crongton Knights.

Based on the award-winning YA novel by Alex Wheatle, Crongton Knights tells the story of a group of inner-city teens who set off on a mission to help their friend Venetia, after her phone is stolen by a vengeful ex-boyfriend. Together, “The Magnificent Six” travel across the Crongton estate and into Notre Dame territory to retrieve it, encountering a range of challenges and colourful characters along the way.

Ahead of the show’s opening this Saturday, Aimee told us more about her role as Venetia, as well as giving us an insight into rehearsals for the show, from devising songs and beatboxing, to the pains of “bodycon” (or body conditioning). Listen in below to hear more.

Co-produced by the Belgrade Theatre, Pilot Theatre, Derby Theatre and York Theatre Royal, Crongton Knights premieres in Coventry from 8-22 February ahead of a UK tour. Book now.