Green Office Week 2012: Day Three, Waste

Posted on 16 May 2012

Day three of Green Office Week looks at the issue of Waste.

At the Belgrade we make it a priority to reduce, reuse and recycle. Amongst other things, we aim to reduce the amount of paper that we use by only printing documents when completely necessary and making sure that we use scrap paper for printing wherever possible. Both paper and plastic recycling is in place in all offices, front of house and in backstage areas and we also have measures in place to recycle printer cartridges and mobile phones.

Any old IT equipment is recycled through an environmentally responsible IT recycling company. Paper towels are no longer used in public toilets as hand dryers are more environmentally friendly and in the kitchens a fat trap is used to protect the drains.

Our production company, Belgrade Production Services, endeavours to reuse sets and costumes and to alter and repair rather than renew. To save paper our accounts department are in the process of exploring the possibility of converting to a system that relies on e-statements and invoices as opposed to hard copies.

Thursday will focus on Purchasing. According to the organisers of Green Office Week, just one fifth of office workers choose environmentally friendly office products or recycled stationery. We’re pelased to say we are in the minority and you can find out more about our green purchasing in tomorrow’s post.

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