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The Belgrade Theatre and Mercurial Dance present

Read All About It!

A Coventry Evening Telegraph building performance takeover

The iconic, 1950s Coventry Evening Telegraph building is a landmark. Its storeys are heavy with stories. The dusty air of the now abandoned newsroom is thick with them – flying from desk to desk soundtracked by the faint, staccato echo of long-silenced typewriters, dashing to deliver the day’s deadline copy.

Situated just over the road from the Belgrade Theatre – another hub for city storytelling – the Coventry Evening Telegraph building will soon enjoy a new lease of life as a beautiful hotel. But before that, for a brief moment in time, it will become a theatre.

This architectural gem will host two extraordinary, site-specific productions using drama, digital, puppetry and dance to explore the city’s rich history.

One show, City Final, sees the Belgrade Theatre youth and community groups take audiences on an exciting journey against a looming deadline, around the cavernous building and through the last 50 years of Coventry life. There are two different routes for this performance, Route A and Route B. If you are in a wheelchair or have other mobility or access needs we recommend you book for Route B which is on one level and more accessible. For more information about the different routes, visit the City Final show page.

While Mercurial Dance’s show, Retold, offers audiences a unique cabaret-style show inspired by their very own, personal memories. The action plays out in the Telegraph’s foyer where generations of people came to share their news with the paper.

Hold the presses, and become part of the story as you join us on this thrilling journey through time.

These performances are part of the Coventry Great Place project supported by Heritage Lottery Fund, Arts Council England, Coventry University, University of Warwick, Coventry City Council and Coventry Business Improvement District.

Retold Tue 10 Jul 6:00pm Book Tickets
City Final Tue 10 Jul 8:00pm Limited Availability
City Final Wed 11 Jul 6:00pm Sold Out
Retold Wed 11 Jul 8:00pm Sold Out
Retold Thu 12 Jul 6:00pm Limited Availability
City Final Thu 12 Jul 8:00pm Limited Availability
City Final Fri 13 Jul 6:00pm Limited Availability
Retold Fri 13 Jul 8:00pm Limited Availability
City Final Sat 14 Jul 2:00pm Limited Availability
Retold Sat 14 Jul 4:00pm Book Tickets
City Final Sat 14 Jul 6:00pm Limited Availability
Retold Sat 14 Jul 8:00pm Limited Availability


10th July - 14th July

City Final

City Final

10th July - 14th July