What Are They Like

What Are They Like

Written by Lucinda Coxon. Directed by Jouvan Fucinni

The Belgrade Canley Youth Theatre and Coventry Youth Service presented What Are They Like? by Lucinda Coxon on Friday 15 April 2016 as Part of NT Connections 500 festival.

The show, which explores the experience of parenthood as seen through the eyes of a group of teenagers, previously toured to three community venues earlier in the year including The Xcel Leisure Centre in Canley, The Hagard Centre Willenhall and On Target Youth Centre, Hogarth Lane.

Directors note from Jouvan Fuccini:

Lucinda Coxon’s What Are They Like? Is a piece that speaks to all ages. It’s a play about mortality and the circle of life, dealing with a serious topic with humour, which is what I was drawn to. We all play dress up when we’re younger and can’t wait to grow up, but as soon as we get there we, most of us feel completely unprepared for it. Throw having your own children into the mix and life gets pretty serious. You’re sinking, swimming or treading water at the best of times.
This play instantly stood out to me as an interesting challenge for the Canley Youth Theatre to work on, because it involves them taking on characters that they don’t instantly identify with and has the added new experience of working with a scripted play. Our partnership with the Youth Service meant that I also wanted us to produce something that a wide selection of young people from across the city could connect with.
My hope is that this play prompts our participants, and you the audience spend some time thinking about your parents. Those with younger eyes taking the time to appreciate how hard a job it is to raise a child, and those of you who are parents yourself thinking about all the stuff you got away with but might to admit to your children!