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Film Premiere for The Square
With Richard and Rishard

Film Premiere for The Square

Supported by Coventry UK City of Culture 2021 and Unlimited Thurs 5 Aug 2021
  • Comedy
  • Drama

This event takes place at Belgrade Theatre B2 Stage

In October 2020, Richard Walls & Rishard Beckett were commissioned to film the pilot episode of a brand new, fully-fledged soap opera set in Coventry.

But beset by a national lockdown in November, they were confronted with a choice:

Return the money or make a substandard, poor quality, second-rate short film.

This is the premiere of that film.

Hosted by the Dynamic Duo themselves (Richard & Rishard, not Batman & Robin), this will be a film premiere for the ages! And one which may hold its fair share of surprises.

The Square is supported by Coventry UK City of Culture 2021 and Unlimited.

Richard & Rishard are part of the Belgrade Theatre’s Springboard talent development programme. They wish to acknowledge the significant support and professional impact of the Belgrade Springboard programme in the early development of our career.


Updated safety guidelines from 19 July Here’s what you need to know …