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Hold On Let Go
Unfolding Theatre in association with LittleMighty presents

Hold On Let Go

Thurs 4 to Sat 6 March 2021
  • Drama

Alex is 56. Luca is half his age. Alex has an encyclopaedia in his head. Luca has one on her phone.

4 rating

'Packed with clever ideas… A show to remember'

- The Scotsman

Alex can’t recall his mother’s voice or most of the 1980s. But he can instantly bring to mind his mother’s cooking and his family’s stories of the Spanish Civil War.

Luca worries that she can’t remember the important stuff – things that might make the world a better place. Her journey sucks her into a black hole crammed full of everything she’s ever forgotten.

A poignant, personal meditation on the gaps in our memories, Hold On Let Go asks what we want to pass on to future generations. It’s a show that bakes bread, dances on the kitchen table and wonders what is left when words are gone.

Director: Annie Rigby (Putting The Band Back Together), Writer: Luca Rutherford, Songwriter: Paul Smith (Maxïmo Park), Performers: Luca Rutherford and Alex Elliott, Sounds: Mariam Rezaei, Choreographer: Liv Lorent, Dramaturg: Selina Thompson (salt.).

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