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"unity in the community" Sat 23 Oct 2021
  • Music

This event takes place at Belgrade Theatre B2 Stage

We are Inini and CARAG.

We are seeking sanctuary in Coventry.

Come along and witness immense passion and talent, as we explore integration through poetry, storytelling, dance, singing and Mbira music!

Hear our voices as we share our struggles, happiness, worries and cultures.

We want to be a part of the wider Coventry community.

Please come along and celebrate Black History month with us!

We will be joined by Zimbaremabwe, a live band playing traditional Zimbabwean music. Mbira is the instrument used in Zimbabwean spiritual culture to connect with ancestral spirits and celebrate our roots.

Inini supports people seeking sanctuary in Coventry tackle the challenges they face while trying to integrate into their communities.

 CARAG is a grassroots migrant led community organisation based in Coventry.

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