Kaya reflects on our Coronavirus Time Capsule project and some reasons to be thankful

Between April and July this year, we worked with a group of Coventry teenagers to create a Coronavirus Time Capsule, in partnership with local charity Grapevine.

Based on a model developed by London-based youth theatre Company Three, the Coronavirus Time Capsule took the form of a series of videos, with our participants creatively responding to different topics each week and documenting their experiences of this extraordinary year.

At the end of the project, one young participant, Kaya, continued creating videos for another two weeks, recording her feelings upon finishing school and starting the summer holidays, and later reflecting on the things she had to be thankful for.

With the UK back in lockdown this month, we could all use a moment to reflect on the positive things in our lives, so we’re sharing her final two videos as part of our Lockdown Lessons series – check them out below!

Kaya said, “The project was a lifeline for us – it gave me something to look forward to each week and kept me going through the uncertainty. It made me want to get up and create every day.

“Without this project, I think I’d have found this time really boring, frustrating and scary. The project was a great way of keeping our minds occupied, away from corona and all the other bad things on the news… I’ve also really enjoyed collaborating and connecting with other young people in the same position.”

You can read more from Kaya in our Lockdown Leaders blog.