Every Wednesday during the Coronavirus lockdown, we’ll be taking the opportunity to share some of our fantastic educational resources with you, including videos about a wide range of careers at the Belgrade, and activities and projects for you to try at home.

Our first activity pack asks you to imagine that you’re pitching an idea for a brand new jukebox musical that you’re hoping to get made. Musicals can be expensive to put on, so it’s important that you get your pitch right in order to find supporters and make sure your show is a success!

A jukebox musical is one that takes well-known songs from a famous band or musician, or a range of musicians, to tell a story on stage. The plot of a jukebox musical is fictional, so it should be unconnected to the history of the band or artist whose music it draws on. Mamma Mia, Rock of Ages, and We Will Rock You are all examples of popular jukebox musicals.

You have been tasked with pitching your own idea for a brand new jukebox musical. In order to create your show you will need to think about the following:

  1. Title – What it your show called?
  2. Location – Where does your story take place? For example, Coventry, on another planet, in a classroom etc.
  3. Characters – Who is involved in your story? Who is the main character? What do your characters want?
  4. Plot – What happens in the story? Is there a challenge that your lead character or characters have to overcome?
  5. Songs – Which existing songs will you use to tell your story? Where do they come in the plot?
  6. Cast – Fantasy casting time! If you could have any famous actors star in your show, who would you choose?

Once you have created the idea for your new musical, you could also have a go at some of these follow-up activities:

  1. Create a poster or flyer to promote your show. Think about how to use colours, pictures or images, and language to interest audiences in your show.
  2. Design a costume for each of your lead characters.
  3. Write the opening scene of your script.

We’d bet you’ve got some brilliant, creative ideas and we’d love to hear them, so if you want to share your jukebox musical pitches with us, make sure you tag us in your posts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Perhaps you could even get your friends or family to help you perform the opening scene you’ve written?