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Bringing Children and Young People to the Theatre

The Belgrade Theatre gives a warm welcome to all young people and their families.

The Belgrade has signed up to the Family Arts Standards. To help you enjoy your experience we are committed to ensuring we meet these Standards. As we continue to improve our service for families your views are very important to us – so please let us know if you have a good experience with us or tell us what you’d like us to improve.

We want to make sure that your visit goes as smoothly and happily as possible and hope that the following information will help.


The Belgrade offers a wide range of performances and events for all ages. To find out about all our events for families and young people please check the What’s On section of our website.

Age suitability

The Belgrade welcomes children of all ages to the theatre and makes every effort to provide age recommendations for each show. Please look for these online or on the print. These are intended as a guideline only. We realise that parents know their children better than we do and therefore we expect that parents will make their own decision on whether or not a performance may be suitable for their particular child. If you are concerned about the content of a particular performance please seek clarification in the show information on the website or contact one of our friendly Box Office team who would be only too happy to help.


  • The Belgrade offers plenty of seating and open spaces for buggies and family groups. There is more information about Access for buggies/wheelchair users and car parking in the Your Visit section of the website.
  • Baby changing facilities are located on the ground floor disabled toilet to the left of the B2 bar.
  • We have a limited number of Booster Seats available for children under 4ft (1.2m) seated in the stalls of the Main Stage. These can be hired for a fee of £1 and are available on a first come first served basis so we advise patrons to arrive in plenty of time if they wish to take advantage of them. Alternatively your car booster seat can be used. For health and safety reasons booster seats of any kind are not permissible in the Circle.
  • Please be aware that very small children may have* sightline issues* from the first row in front of the Main Stage. Tickets for seats on these rows are discounted accordingly.

Tickets and discounts

Concessionary rates are available for children and young people. For more information see our Discounted Tickets pages.

For health and safety reasons anyone wishing to go into either auditorium must have a ticket, even very young children. For children under the age of 2 a Lap Seat Ticket should be purchased in advance from our Box Office either in person or by phone. Lap Seat Tickets cost £3.50. If you plan to bring very young children please make the Box Office aware at the time of booking. Children over 2 may only enter the auditorium with a normal ticket. Children under 13 attending a performance must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Please note that some shows may have a different age for Lap Seat Tickets which will be noted on the show page itself.

General Guidelines

The Belgrade is committed to ensuring that all visitors to the theatre have an enjoyable experience and as such ask families to take the following into consideration especially when attending non-family shows:

  • Many of our productions are aimed at an adult audience and may contain, for example, loud music or adult language. Please note that patrons are also allowed to consume alcohol in the auditorium, except for shows showing the Fantastic for Families logo.
  • Please be aware that both our auditoria are built to amplify sound. As a result any noise from the audience is also amplified and could disturb other audience members and the performers.
  • We ask that parents do not bring very young children or children who may be disruptive to see quieter shows like dramas unless it is a show displaying the Fantastic for Families logo. This is particularly the case for shows in B2 which is a very small auditorium. The Box Office will be able to advise customers if a particular show will be suitable for a young child. However, it is the parent’s decision whether or not to bring their child to see the show and the Belgrade Theatre cannot be held responsible if a parent decides after the fact that a show was not suitable for their particular child.
  • Should a child become disruptive you may be asked to remove them from the performance. We are unable to offer refunds for missed performances.
  • We welcome children and young people in the theatre foyers but we ask accompanying adults to monitor their behaviour so that they respect both the space and the other patrons who use this area.

Please consult a member of our Front of House or Box Office staff if you have any queries regarding this information.

We look forward to welcoming you to the theatre and hearing about your experience by using the comments section below.

Family Arts Standards

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