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The Big O

An original play by emerging West Midlands writer Kim Cormack. Directed by Lotte Ruth Johnson.

Tues 4 to Thurs 6 Apr 2023

Is there a right time to care about pleasure?

In a world full of distractions (see: the news, social media and dating apps…everyday), survival mode and the crushing weight of “being a good feminist”, is the female orgasm ever going to be a priority?

Join Lucy on her personal voyage into sex, healing, and connection after a diagnosis of lifelong Anorgasmia (with a Trunchbull-esque psychosexual consultant).

Sex toys. Faking orgasms. Consent. Casual vs monogamous sex. Love. Mental Health. Folklore. Bad chat up lines. Politics. PTSD. Female pleasure throughout history. Feminist f@!kboys and that incident with the guy that wanted to do that thing.

The Big O is an “aggressively relatable”, “Hilarious” and “heart-breaking” exploration of what it means to be a woman in 21st Century Britain.

Warning: Contains sexual content.
Trigger warning: References to sexual violence and abuse.

Previous beneficiary of The Sir Barry Jackson Trust. Recommended by RSVP and Sh! Artist wellbeing Practitioner: Lou Platt. (I May Destroy You, BBC).

“The Big O is a powerful, moving, insightful and unexpectedly funny exploration of a woman’s battle with her past and how it impacts on the present. Kim Cormack is a writer of talent and she has found an important subject to confront.” – David Edgar, British Playwright and Director.

“A 21st Century response to The Vagina Monologues.” – Stephanie Dale, British Playwright.

“Cormack’s Big O put’s women’s sexual health and pleasure at the forefront…brimming with Fleabag sass and vulnerability.” – Theatre Bab, 2022

“…a resonant piece for every 21st Century woman.” – RSVP – Rape and Sexual Violence Project.

“…Cormack aims to start and nourish an ongoing conversation about sexual pleasure and all of the topics that bleeds into… we are excited and fully in support of this project.” – Sh!