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Highly Sprung presents

The Physical Fellowship 2024 – POWER

Featuring a headline show from Sprung Advance Plus

Mon 1 to Fri 5 July 2024

The UK’s only physical performance festival exclusively for young people, produced by Highly Sprung.

Now in its 15th year, the Physical Fellowship was established to give young people the opportunity to explore their understanding and experience of physical theatre.

Physical Fellowship elevates the talent and creativity of the next generation of physical theatre practitioners. It recognises the specific needs and training opportunities required to support the development of physical theatre, as part of our national arts sector.

This unique festival provides opportunities for young people to experience physical theatre by seeing, doing, and making. Providing routes into further participation in the artform and supporting aspirational young practitioners and producers. It provides space for young people to perform on the professional stage, to take part in workshops with leading physical theatre professionals, and access inspiring careers information. Bringing together the future of physical theatre in one space.

Exploring the theme of Power, each evening features a programme of original physical performance work from local school and youth groups. Each evening finishes with a headline show from Highly Sprung’s youth group Sprung Advance Plus.

Physical Fellowship 2024: POWER

Understanding the concept of power is essential for young people as they navigate the complexities of the modern world. This year’s theme of power, in its various forms, shapes the dynamics of societies, relationships, and individual lives.

When young people understand power it gives them the tools to speak up for what’s right and make positive changes in their communities, standing up for justice, and being a responsible part of society. Physical Fellowship POWER is not just about knowing what power is, but about being able to use power to positively make a difference and create a fairer and better world for everyone.

Say No More by Sprung Advance Plus:

Devised from an exploration of political power and its influence on the lives of young people, and how it shapes the environments in which they grow and develop.

Never before has understanding political power been so vital. When government reaches crisis point and people are losing hope, there’s only one real solution to turn to… young people. But is being given ultimate power a gift or a curse?

When one young person is given the ultimate power to rule, do they use their voice to raise up the concerns of other young people, advocating for their needs, and contributing to shaping a society that reflects their values and aspirations. Or does power corrupt, when given the task of shaping the path of our futures?