Belgrade Young Company members perform in a new film as we revisit our production One Night in November

This November, we’re commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Coventry Blitz by revisiting our 2013 production of One Night in November. Written by local playwright Alan Pollock and directed by Hamish Glen, the acclaimed wartime drama will be streamed via our website from 14-13 November – tickets are available to book now.

One of the Belgrade Theatre’s most successful productions to date, One Night in November was originally staged in 2008 before enjoying two hugely popular revivals. It follows the story of one family’s harrowing experience of the Blitz, examining the idea that Winston Churchill may have had advance warning of the attack on the city.

The 2013 production, which is set to be streamed this month, starred Charlotte Ritchie, who has since gone on to appear in Call the Midwife and the recent BBC sitcom Ghosts. Ritchie plays 18-year-old teacher-in-training Katie Stanley, who encounters Michael (Jason Langley), an Oxford lecturer, stranded at a railway station while awaiting the all-clear signal after an air-raid warning.

This could be the beginning of a straightforward love story, but in wartime, nothing is simple. Unknown to Katie, Michael has been forced to turn his linguistic skills to deciphering German codes at Bletchley Park. Meanwhile, Katie lives with her family in Coventry – a city living under the threat of war. The Stanleys don’t know quite how serious that threat is… but Michael does.