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BE PART OF THE STORY… Swim, Aunty, Swim!

Water is powerful. The ocean covers 71% of our planet. Humans are made up of 60% water. All living things need water to survive.

Swim, Aunty, Swim! explores the sublime power of water, what it means in different cultures, and how it can support and enhance our lives.

Ahead of our three aunties making a splash this May, we want to hear from you about your relationship with swimming and water and how your culture, upbringing, and experiences have affected it.

We want you to consider the following prompts and through the medium of your choice send us your thoughts.

  1. Can you swim?
  2. Do you regularly swim?
  3. What stops you from swimming or what made you start swimming?
  4. How does water make you feel?
  5. How is water used within your culture?

Simply send a voice recording, photo, video, or a photo of a piece of art you have created to our WhatsApp number 07701397635.

Some of what we receive will be curated and displayed in an exhibition at the Belgrade during the run of Swim, Aunty, Swim!

We hope this exhibition will help us all to share, learn, and reflect on just how powerful and important water is to who we are and our memories.


PLEASE NOTE: By sending us your content as part of this call out, you are agreeing to it potentially being displayed in the theatre and on Belgrade’s social media channels, and website. Selected contributions will be included in our public exhibition, which will be live throughout the play’s run. Although we would love to include all content in our exhibition, we cannot guarantee all material will be displayed and members of our team will decide on the final curation.

If you have any questions about this project please email

Deadline: Submissions close on Tues 7 May or when we reach 50 entries.

Swim, Aunty, Swim! runs from Mon 20 May – Sat 1 June, tickets are available now and can be booked here.