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Belgrade’s SeaView Series Streams on Amazon Prime

In 2021, our urban sci-fi, TV drama series SeaView premiered, with a series of screenings at the Belgrade. Three years on, we are so proud to share that SeaView will now be available to stream on Amazon Prime from Thurs 29 Feb 2024.

Corey Campbell, Belgrade Creative Director, and SeaView creator said:

“SeaView was a digital project that we wanted to create pre-pandemic as a theatre who were just starting their journey in digital practice. Once covid hit, it became very difficult to make as we wanted to use theatre practices such as devising in its creation, to coincide with our co-creation spirit and practice. This meant that we had to hold the writer’s room online. After receiving over 300 applicants, we turned out six incredible writers and shot three incredible episodes.

“As a first piece of digital work, I think it’s fantastic. It’s collaborative, it’s made by people from all over the West Midlands but predominantly Coventry, and was also shot predominantly in Coventry. It’s a piece of work that Coventry should be very proud of.

“Sadly, we lost our dear friend and brother Marcel (White) along the way. This has meant that we couldn’t finish the other three episodes in the series, so there is some missing context. But the hope is that you see a piece of work that was made with a lot of heart, a lot of love, by a lot of talented people, all from a region that is often forgotten.

“No matter what happens with Seaview, we are very proud and excited that a piece of work that for many was their first time performing, and a piece of work made by community artists and professionals, could get as far as Amazon Prime and be seen by the world.”

What is SeaView about?

Based on an original idea by Corey Campbell, SeaView draws on the experiences of working-class communities in the West Midlands. Inspired by a true story, it follows the journey of Steven, a young man destined for great things who finds himself trapped by the destiny of others.

Tormented by his gift for prophecy and haunted by his dreams, Steven tries to break the cycle of lies, crime, and violence that has ensnared his family, but finds himself in an impossible position. The way seems unchangeable, the decisions they make irreversible.