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Black Futures: A Guided Meditation

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Ankh'KaRa Ashé draws on traditional practices in a guided meditation designed to help release stress

Launched during Black History Month in the wake of Black Lives Matter protests across the world, our Black Futures programme is a multidisciplinary celebration of Black creativity, collaboration and entrepreneurship in the West Midlands, with events taking place both online and in-person.

As part of the programme, we’ve been inviting artists, practitioners and community leaders from across the West Midlands into the Belgrade to share their work, ideas and hopes for the future. Together, we’ve been exploring how history informs our understanding of the present, and how current events might shape the histories of the future.

Our latest Black Futures offering sees meditation and body mindfulness coach Ankh’KaRa Ashé leads a guided meditation to help release stress, drawing on traditional cultural practices.

The meditation was filmed by our Audience Development Officer and Embedded Community Producer Ayesha Jones.

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