Belgrade Youth explore camera angles and creating characters in their Zoom-based lockdown project

Last week, Senior Youth Theatre member Cameron wrote about us how his group had been exploring the theme of loneliness in their Zoom-based Telling Stories on (the Small) Screen project. This week, he returns to tell us more about the different techniques they’ve been using to develop their own characters.


Throughout the project so far, I have noticed the words ‘loneliness’ and ‘solitude’ have come up often, and I wouldn’t be surprised if our final piece ends up addressing those themes.

In our last session, we focused a lot more on developing our individual characters, thinking about what they might wear and what props they might use as well as giving them names. This really helped us to “merge” into our characters and take on our roles more fully. Face masks have been one of the most commonly used props so far, showing how people are thinking a lot about hygiene and self-protection at the moment.