Celebrating Sanctuary Week has arrived and here at the Belgrade Theatre, we have much to celebrate!

Last week, we received the news that our Theatre of Sanctuary Award had been reaccredited, having first become a Theatre of Sanctuary on 21 Nov 2017.

Launched by City of Sanctuary in partnership with Counterpoints Arts, Theatre of Sanctuary is a title awarded to venues and theatre companies that demonstrate a commitment to welcoming and celebrating refugees and those seeking sanctuary in the UK.

The award must be reassessed every three years and a panel of individuals must determine if the organisation is given the award, based on the work they have carried out in those three years.

We would like to thank City of Sanctuary and the panel: Seyedeh Naseriniaki, Sam Slatcher, and Toni Soni, for their recognition of our building-wide effort to support those seeking sanctuary in Coventry.