Emma Meehan of Coventry University's Centre for Dance Research leads a gentle warm-up

As the UK heads into its second national lockdown, we’re focusing our attention on promoting wellbeing and learning from our experiences earlier this year through our Lockdown Lessons series.

During the last lockdown, we asked local artists and creative practitioners to share their warm-up routines as a way of helping people to stay healthy, happy and energised at home, and it’s a project we’ve decided to revisit.

This week, Emma Meehan, Assistant Professor in Dance at Coventry University’s Centre for Dance Research, guides us through a relaxing warm-up from a beach in Ireland. Watch below at follow along from 8.30am on Monday 9 November.

Emma said: “This video shares a warm up practice that comes from my own explorations in body awareness, informed by forms called Authentic Movement, Body Mind Centering and Amerta Movement. I have most recently been working on two projects: one on dance and chronic pain; another one on how people sense the city of Coventry through the human body. My main interest is a living, feeling, sensing perspective on movement of each person as a whole in their social environment.”

Links to find out more about her projects can be found below:

Somatic practice and chronic pain network

Sensing the City project