Highly Sprung's Sarah Worth leads our second #CityWarmUps video

With this week marking the Mental Health Foundation’s Mental Health Awareness Week, we’ve been focusing on some of the ways that we can help to promote wellbeing and keep Coventry active during lockdown.

Launched last week, our new #CityWarmUps project will see local artists and creative practitioners taking you step-by-step through the warm-ups they use to start their own shows, rehearsals or workshops, so you can follow along at home.

Every Monday at 8.30am, we’ll be sharing a new video designed to help get you feeling energised and focused, ready to face whatever the week ahead might throw at you.

This week’s warm-up comes from Sarah Worth, Co-Artistic Director of physical theatre company Highly Sprung. We are keen to hear from artists living or working in Coventry or Warwickshire, so if you would like to share your own warm-up with us, please email hkincaid@belgrade.co.uk with some information about yourself or your company as applicable.