Local artists and creatives share their warm-ups to promote wellbeing and connect audiences during lockdown

This week, we’re delighted to introduce #CityWarmUps, a brand new lockdown project designed to get you feeling energised and focused, ready to start your week.

Every Monday at 8.30am, we’ll be sharing a new video from an artist or creative practitioner based in Coventry or Warwickshire, with contributors ranging from actors and directors to singers and dancers. These short videos will take you step-by-step through the methods they use to get warmed-up, before starting their own rehearsals, shows or workshops.

We hope that people will join in and follow these weekly warm-ups at the same time, to help us feel more connected during our shared isolation. If you feel comfortable doing so, we’d also encourage you to share photos and videos of yourself joining in on social media using #CityWarmUps. You can also tweet along with your thoughts about each session.

To get the ball rolling, our Creative Producer Hannah Barker shares her own warm-up below.