In Week 5, our young participants explain how they've been continuing with school work during the lockdown

With schools across the world on lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve teamed up with local charity Grapevine on a new project that aims to tackle the impact of isolation and anxiety on teenagers’ mental health, providing a space for them to explore and share their experiences of the lockdown.

The Coronavirus Time Capsule is a week-by-week project created by London-based youth theatre Company Three, which has been made available to groups of young people across the world. Groups create new videos every week responding to different topics linked to the lockdown, such as home life, school, exercise and friendship.

Each video will offer a window into the worlds of the participants involved, and at the end of the lockdown, the videos will be collected in one overarching time capsule, available for anyone to watch, and for the participants to look back on and remember this extraordinary time. Find out more about the project here.

In our fifth video, our young participants talk about how they’ve been continuing with school work during the lockdown.