Ayesha Jones' short film explores her family's roots and what it means to belong

As part of our programme for Coventry Welcomes‘ first ever digital festival, we’re delighted to be showcasing a film and photography project created in 2015 by our Audience Development Officer, Ayesha Jones.

Supported by Counterpoint Arts and Open Generation, Where do you come from? sees Ayesha explore her family’s history in Birmingham, Wales and the Caribbean, their experiences of racism, and what it means to belong. Her short film won Best Film in the “Our Voices” competition and was screened at Rivington Place in London.

Watch the film and read a few words from Ayesha about the project below.

Where do you come from?

Where do you come from? is inspired by my experiences as a young woman born in England to a white father (Welsh heritage) and a black mother (Caribbean heritage). Being asked to explain where I come from, on a regular basis (due to my brown skin) has led me to ask that question a bit deeper and attempt to uncover the hidden stories in my own heritage.