We're celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week from Mon 10 - Sun 16 May 2021

This week, we’re celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week by shining a spotlight on a project being led by Mark “Gibo” Gibbins at Coventry’s Men’s Shed. The project exemplifies the power of the arts to shift experiences and perceptions linked to mental health issues.

Coventry’s Men’s Shed was set up eight years ago to help support men over 30 with their mental health. The organisation also provides a space for members to forge friendships and build confidence through participating in a variety of different group activities and social events.

Mark Gibbins, known widely throughout Coventry as “Gibo”, runs Crafty Blokes, the group within Men’s Shed which works on arts and crafts projects. Sessions take place at the Rose Community Centre, a resident run building in the heart of Spon End, Coventry. They’ve worked on countless projects throughout the years, including the mosaic rose which adornes the Rose Community Centre.