Executive Director Joanna Reid and Artistic Director Hamish Glen respond to the news of our Cultural Recovery fund award

We’re delighted to have been awarded the full £999,999 we applied for as part of the government’s emergency Cultural Recovery Fund, administered through the Arts Council. This money will enable us to start enacting the plans we’ve been developing to help us to recover from this crisis.

Over the coming months, we will be running a series of test events to keep audiences coming back into the building for socially distanced live performances, exhibitions, screenings and taking part in our community activities. Our beautiful building already has spacious, airy foyers which work well for smaller audiences and as well as supporting these events, the money will also enable us to improve both our outdoor facilities and digital infrastructure, meaning we can respond more flexibly as the situation changes by hosting events outside the building and/or livestreaming them online. Watch this space for details!

An improved WiFi network will also help us to implement digital ticket checks, reducing the need for person to person contact, and building on our ongoing efforts to keep everyone safe through measures such as increased cleaning, and mask wearing.

Crucially, the work that we are able to do now will not only serve us in the short-term, but will also help us to build resilience for the future, allowing us to begin generating income and rebuilding our financial reserves as we approach Coventry’s City of Culture year in Spring 2021.

We know that our wide-ranging work has huge benefits for the communities of Coventry, in terms of promoting mental health and wellbeing, providing a platform for marginalised communities, fostering empathy and collaboration and opening up opportunities for young people and emerging artists to develop skills they will use throughout their careers.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us over the last few months. Please keep checking back to our website for further updates.


Joanna Reid
Belgrade Theatre Executive Director

Hamish Glen
Belgrade Theatre Artistic Director and Chief Executive