Marking International Women's Day 2021 with the stories of the women of Coventry

Monday 8 March marks International Women’s Day 2021. We’re delighted to be marking the occasion by reaching out to some of Coventry’s most inspiring women who have helped support our communities over the last twelve months.

We wanted to give a platform to the women we’ve had the pleasure of working with recently. They’ve worked tirelessly behind the scenes to produce events, support programmes, art, and workshops that will benefit the communities of Coventry.

We asked 28 women to tell us what they’ve been most grateful for this year, despite the difficult circumstances we’ve all endured since March 2020.

Just some of the women featured in this video are Councillor Ann Lucas OBE (Lord Mayor of the City of Coventry and Holbrook Ward Councilor ), Joanna Reid (Executive Director of the Belgrade), Emma Ormerod (Artistic Director and CEO of Underground Lights), and Mel Smith (Deputy CEO for Grapevine).

We hope that the words of these inspiring women will encourage others to find something that they have been grateful for during this period.