Make a game with prompts for different characters and actions to try at home

For this week’s Monday Make, we’re showing you how to create a game that you can use as a fun warm-up or kids’ activity again and again.

The game is made up of a paper dice and card spinner, which you can use to match up different characters and actions to perform.

Download and print off the cube template at the bottom of this page, then watch the video for instructions. We’ve also included a few other character and action ideas that you can use instead of the ones in the video – or you could even make up your own!

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Ideas for actions

  • Say hello!
  • Spin around and pose
  • Eat or drink something
  • Leave the room
  • Freestyle dance for 10 secconds
  • Fetch or show off something important to you
  • Show that you’re excited
  • Show that you’re angry

Ideas for characters

  • A superhero
  • The Queen
  • A pirate
  • A fairytale princess
  • A pantomime dame
  • Someone in a hurry
  • Someone sleepy
  • Someone who’s obsessed with social media
  • A cartoon character
  • A puppy
  • An elephant
  • A lion
  • A baby
  • A teenager
  • A robot
  • A celebrity
  • A busy parent
  • A cowboy
  • A wizard
  • A baddie or villain
  • A businessperson