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National Theatre Connections Festival 2021

We're delighted to be hosting the region's National Theatre Connections Festival this June

We’re delighted to be hosting this year’s National Theatre Connections Festival as a West Midlands partner organisation. In June, three youth groups from across the region will come together to connect and celebrate their work with each other.

The festival would usually take place in-person, but this year we’ve had to adapt the usual format. Through discussions with each of the youth groups participating, we came to understand that they each required something different. For some, it was more desirable to keep the festival simple, focused on connecting and sharing the work that has come out of this challenging time. For others, it was paramount that they could perform on in-person, on a stage.

On Tues 1 and Weds 2 May, two of the three youth groups will take centre stage in B2 to create a filmed production. We knew it was important to offer the participants the opportunity to feel they were performing and capturing their performance on camera.

The NT Connections Festival will then take place virtually on Fri 4 and Sat 5 June. Across these two days, work from all participating youth companies will be showcased, along with our Youth Theatre’s digital rendering of Like There’s No Tomorrow. The participants will be invited to connect, discuss and celebrate their work and processes in post-show forums.