Open Theatre's Vicky and Alex open up about the scarf dancing activity they use in workshops for young people.

While the lockdown continues, we’re thrilled that our friends at Open Theatre Company have been finding creative ways to continue with their work.

Every week, they’ll be creating new “Open Theatre Opens Up” videos offering an insight into the way they work, and as one of our long-term partners, we wanted to help spread the word by sharing what they’ve created. Last week, we spoke to their Create Lab Associate Melissa Daly to find out more about the project, and you can read the interview and watch their first video online here.

Based in Coventry, Open Theatre works with young people with learning disabilities, using mostly non-verbal techniques. Following our temporary closure in March, their show The Twisted Tale of Hansel and Gretel was one of the first we had to cancel, but they’ve responded quickly to the situation, and we hope that you enjoy seeing what they’ve been up to during lockdown as much as we have.

In their second video, Vicky and Alex explain more about scarf dancing – a simple activity they like to do during their workshops, which you might like to try out at home. Look out for more videos coming every Friday!