With the outbreak of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) having resulted in the closure of businesses including our own, we’re all working on creative ways of adapting to the situation.

At the heart of the Belgrade’s ethos is being a creative hub for the community, so our team felt strongly that our response to the current situation should involve strengthening our local partnerships and helping to support other people who have been affected. It’s with this in mind that this weekend, we’re introducing Saturday Shout Outs.

Saturday Shout Outs: How it Works

While our building remains closed, we’ll be using our Saturdays not to talk about the work the Belgrade is doing, but to highlight ome of the other fantastic work happening across Coventry and Warwickshire.

Each weekend, we’ll be inviting local artists, organisations and creative businesses to use the hashtag #SaturdayShoutOut to talk about the work they’re doing on social media, and we’ll retweet and share posts to our own accounts.

In addition this, we’ll also have a planned weekly spotlight on one or two events and activities that we’re particularly excited about, creating videos, blog posts or podcasts to give them an extra boost.

If you’ve got an exciting project planned that you think could be one of our featured Saturday Shout Outs, please drop an email with the details to hkincaid@belgrade.co.uk, or send a direct message on Twitter to @BelgradeHeather.

This weekend, our featured project is Fargo Village’s Online Spring Makers’ Market.