Patrick Stewart inspires Facebook sonnet-reading group

This week’s Saturday Shout Out goes to the Isolation Sonnets group, who are sharing their own readings of sonnets on Facebook during the lockdown.

Inspired by Patrick Stewart’s #ASonnetADay project on Twitter, which has seen the actor film himself reading a Shakespeare sonnet every day, the group was started by Coventry writer Patrick Kincaid to “fill in the gaps” left by Stewart, recording the sonnets he’d decided to miss out.

Since then, its expanded to cover sonnets by a variety of other writers, ranging from John Donne to John Keats and from Percy Shelley to Wendy Cope, with some members even contributing their own original sonnets.

The group currently stands at 110 members and is continuing to grow – watch the video below to find out more, or head to the Isolation Sonnets Facebook group to join in.