BBC CWR calls on the people of Coventry and Warwickshire to be part of its summer anthem

It’s not always east to stay positive in these difficult times, but our friends at BBC CWR have just launched a new project to help unite the people of Coventry and Warwickshire in a celebration of the people, communities and organisations who are making a difference.

The radio station is calling on you to be party of a “Lockdown Anthem“, which will reflect the stories of the city and beyond during this historic time. Excerpts have now been released online for people to learn and join in with at home, before the full song is released in early summer.

The music and lyrics have been written by local composer Gareth Withers, who works in primary schools across Coventry as well as with the Local Vocals choir.

“It’s an anthem that suggests how we can go forward after the virus has left us as much as it can, and what we can take with us, what we can remember and what we can use to help us go forward,” he said, adding that it’s also a reminder of “the fact that once before we rose from the ashes, giving us that sense that actually, we’ve got through the most difficult part.”


If you can play an instrument or sing, check out the video below and follow along with the lyrics beneath to learn the song, then record your own version, making sure to use headphones to listen to the music, so that you only record your own voice and/or playing. When you’re done, head to the BBC CWR Lockdown Anthem portal to submit your video.

Not sure about your musical skills? You can still get involved by sharing a video of you and/or your family and pets dancing along and enjoying the song. You can also send in photos and videos of some of your favourite lockdown moments for a chance to see them featured.

Look out for the finished song and video in early summer. Think of it as Coventry’s summer anthem – a message in music inspired by the journey we’ve all taken together.



Whenever it scars
Remember those rainbows
Just throw out your arms
And see what the day holds

It’s better to lean on shoulders
Than fall on your own
We’ve made it through together and together we will rise

Hold onto rainbows
Carry the flame you’ve found
Breathe in, reflect
And sing out your sounds

Call on your neighbours
Reap and reward tomorrow
We’ve made it through together and together we will rise.