Wild Earth UK take their Nature Beats: Sonic Signatures course for 16-25s online

At a time when social distancing measures have resulted in widespread feelings of loneliness and isolation, engaging with nature is one of the things that has helped many people to get through the lockdown.

Few understand the benefits of this more than the team at Wild Earth – a Coventry-based not-for-profit focused on reducing isolation and promoting personal and professional development by connecting people with the natural world in their local environment and communities.

Through a range of youth and employability, adult learning, community and schools programmes, Wild Earth provides high quality, creative learning experiences, empowering people to discover and utilise their own strengths and helping learners to re-engage in their education (especially those excluded or at risk of exclusion).

Ongoing restrictions on in-person gatherings have naturally presented a huge challenge for the organisation, in a period where supporting vulnerable people is more important than ever. However, it’s a challenge they’re rising to, with the launch of an online version of its Nature Beats: Sonic Signatures course.

Open to young people aged 16-25 who are not currently in education or employment, Nature Beats: Sonic Signatures is a course focused on making music in and inspired by nature. Normally running one day a week with groups of 8-10 young people, the six-week programme offers participants a chance to escape the stresses and pressures of daily life, while building confidence and refocusing their lives towards their desired goals.

Workshops on music-making, bushcraft and survival skills are combined with opportunities to learn about volunteering and employability, gaining skills in CV writing and interview techniques, for example. The young people’s entire journey through the programme is recorded through music and soundscapes.

The online course will offer a new way for people to engage with Wild Earth‘s work. The team are now on the look out for young people who would benefit from the programme, and are inviting those interested in taking part to get in touch, as well as welcoming referrals from partner organisations.

For more information, please visit the Wild Earth website, or email info@wild-earth.org.uk.