Actors are invited to audition for eight roles in our forthcoming digital TV series

Following our previous casting call in September, we’re now holding open auditions for eight roles in our forthcoming digital TV series, SeaView, giving you the chance to be part of a groundbreaking project during Coventry’s year as City of Culture.

Set amongst the urban, working class communities of the West Midlands, SeaView is a six-part, supernatural drama co-produced by Belgrade Film and Digital Ltd, together with Strictly Arts Theatre CompanyFix 8 FilmsRun Home Productions and Audio Bassment.

Inspired by a true story, it centres on Steven – a young man destined for great things who is quietly tormented by his gifts. Steven’s cousin Chez is desperate to finally cut ties with his illegitimate business and make an honest living, but when Steven is stabbed on a night out, Chez is forced to bury a dark secret and the family begin to fall apart.

Reality shifts and the realms of possibility are called into question as Steven’s gifts suddenly appear super-human. On a mission to discover what he’s truly capable of, can Steven liberate his family from the cycle of lies, crime and violence that have ensnared them? SeaView celebrates a Black, working class, aspirational family, exploring the challenges they face in their efforts to achieve great things.

Six scripts have now been written for the show by a group of emerging Midlands writers, supported by playwright Sophie Ellerby, producer Sofia Stephanou and our 2021 Co-Artistic Director Corey Campbell. Filming is set to commence in Coventry and Birmingham in March 2021, ahead of a premiere screening at the Belgrade Theatre later in the year.

As with the writers’ room, the casting call is completely open, and we are particularly keen to hear from actors based in the West Midlands (although submissions from further afield will still be considered). This reflects our commitment to providing opportunities for emerging talent both behind and in front of the camera, particularly for those local to the region.

To obtain sides for self-taping please email our Assistant Producer, Emma Barber, stating which role it is you are interested in at If you have previously submitted a self-tape please do not resubmit.

All roles will be paid £100 per day plus per diems (rehearsals and read-throughs paid). Estimated filming days are subject to change.

The deadline for self-tapes to be submitted is 5pm on Monday 21 December. The roles available are as follows.


Age: 20-25
Gender: Male
Accents: RP
Ethnicity: Black dual heritage – British Jamaican and West African
Estimated filming days: 22-26

Charismatic, likeable, warm, a joker, strong, contemplative, reliable, loyal and intelligent. Vibrant and charming externally but this masks a complex internal world. He has a real depth of loneliness, plagued with a sense of guilt for having certain privileges that his cousins weren’t afforded. Steven’s a strong presence when he’s part of a big group, but he can only keep this up for so long. Adaptable to whoever he needs to be, a social chameleon – but he can feel lost, unsure of where he fits in life. Everyone in the family treats him like the golden child – he excels at everything. He’s studying Law at Durham University and has been awarded a competitive graduate job at a top law firm ready for when he finishes third year.

During his time at private school he became an amazing swimmer and rugby player. A Ralph Lauren Polo-shirt kind of boy, no socks and loafers – geek chic. His mum Diane and dad Atlas pin big hopes on their son, Steven often feels like he owes them. He is living out the life they want him to live, becoming the man they want him to be. But he often questions if this is his true calling: what would he do and who would he be if there were no rules or expectations? Recently he’s been suffering from blackouts, he doesn’t remember what’s happened or how long he’s blacked out for. Deeply fearful there’s something wrong with him – he is holding on to a secret, too ashamed to tell anyone.


Age range: 55-59
Gender: Male
Accents: West African but been in UK for a long time
Ethnicity: West African
Estimated filming days: 12-16

Atlas has built up a successful property development business and offered Diane a radically different way of life. They went on all inclusive holidays and bought flashy cars. Atlas is completely dominated by Diane’s presence. He is quiet, mild mannered, and carries the world on his shoulders. Silently holding things together and desperately trying to keep his family on an even keel and please his wife. He has come from a well to do family and has always kept his head down and worked hard for what he’s got. The family look to him as the anchor, especially Diane. Atlas finds it hard to speak his mind, or to express himself at all. He has a steady relationship with his son Steven, but it’s fairly functional and lacks intimacy.


Age: 63-67
Gender: Male
Accents: Jamaican
Ethnicity: Jamaican
Estimated filming days: 3-5

Intense, very intelligent, spiritual, expressive, bold, gregarious, commanding, empathetic, demanding, lonely, fearful, a strong presence and very profound. Bubbles is a local legend, so the story goes he used to be a big player in the area. He made millions and was at the top of his game, in the same league as Carl and Chez now, but he lost it all and there’s a question mark around what happened to Bubble’s business empire. He has seen a lot in his life; he is connected to the spirit world and constantly quotes from the Book of Maccabees, prophesising the end of the world is soon upon us. Desperate to connect but he’s on a different plane to most of us so his thoughts can get lost in translation. He sometimes sings on street corners and although everyone thinks he’s homeless because of how he presents he actually has his own flat that he bought out right from when he was making lots of money when he was younger. In many ways, Bubbles is a Guardian Angel – but who is he guarding and protecting and why?


Age: 45-49
Gender: Male
Accents: Irish
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Estimated filming days: 4-7

Tough and slightly ruthless. He gets the job done and doesn’t ask questions. You can see that the years of service has taken its toll on him, out of shape, hairline receding. He is loyal.


Age: 50-55
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Any
Estimated filming days: 4-6

University Graduate. Now runs an Arts Class. Enjoys reading and art, very intelligent but quite considered. Comes across an introvert but quite chatty when she feels comfortable. She quite likes Annibale Carracci.


Age: 18-23
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Black
Estimated filming days: 4-6

He is keen to make money quickly. Thinks on his feet but sometimes falls short as he acts too quickly. He has a disgraced uncle and is keen to make up for the family reputation.


Age: 70-79
Gender: Female
Accents: Jamaican
Ethnicity: Black – Jamaican
Estimated filming days: 2-4

Well presented, accurate, strong, and speaks her mind. She thinks she is the pillar of the community and knows everybody. A real busy body in Christ.


Age: 50-69
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Black
Estimated filming days: 4-6

A pillar of strength in the community. Well presented. Physically fit and healthy with an abundance of energy.