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SeaView: Watch the first teaser trailer

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Watch the first teaser trailer for SeaView - an urban sci-fi web series launching in 2021

Today we’re excited to unveil the first teaser trailer for SeaView, a brand new, urban sci-fi web series premiering in 2021 that we’re supporting as part of a consortium of Midlands-based producers and artists.

Inspired by a true story, SeaView tells the story of Steven, a young man destined for great things who is trapped by the destiny of others.

Tormented by his gift for prophecy and haunted by his dreams, Steven tries to break the cycle of lies, crime and violence that has ensnared his family, but finds himself in an impossible position. The way seems unchangeable, the decisions they make irreversible.



Corey Campbell, Artistic Director of Strictly Arts Theatre Company and 2021 Co-Artistic Director of the Belgrade Theatre, said: “Steven is a character we place our bets on. He is a high-flying uni student: intelligent, articulate, fit and humble. His family, however, live the stereotypical lifestyle of the black, urban, working class community that is constantly portrayed on screen.

“We learn very quickly that there is something special about Steven, and when a tragedy hits the family, they are given a second chance at life. What they do with this chance will forge the family’s path for generations. A chance of hope or of destruction.”

Launched today, the first teaser trailer for the show has been developed by Strictly Arts Theatre Company with Run Home Productions, Fix8 Films, Audio Bassment and the Belgrade Theatre Coventry.

Campbell added, “The West Midlands Consortium is all about collaborating to create the kind of work that would usually exclusive to bigger producing houses. Though we all have our won specific companies and missions, our work together is about building the West Midlands film industry and arts sector as a whole, and it’s really exciting to announce SeaView as our first project together.”