Creative Director Corey Campbell, Interim CEO Neil Murray and the whole team at the Belgrade Theatre Coventry are delighted to reveal details of new shows that are on sale now for spring 2024, including Swim Aunty Swim produced in-house by The Belgrade Theatre (20 May – 1 June) and The Glass Menagerie, a co-production with Rose Theatre and Alexandra Palace Theatre, in association with the Royal Exchange Theatre, playing on the B1 Main Stage (16 – 23 March).  

Swim Aunty Swim (playing in the B2 auditorium 20 May – 1 June) a play by Siana Bangura, is part of the Critical Mass Emerging Writers Programme at The Belgrade Theatre, and developed with support from English Touring Theatre and Madeleine Kludje (director and dramaturg).  Swim Aunty Swim is the story of three West African women, who learn to swim. What begins as light-hearted fun and a distraction from the mundane routine of life and church, becomes a ritual of healing and rebirth, after a season of grieving. Set across Lagos, Accra, Freetown, London, Birmingham, and Coventry, ‘Swim, Aunty, Swim!’ is a profound, poetic story of friendship, loss, sisterhood, motherhood, ageing, starting again, and the sublime power of water. 

The Glass Menagerie (playing in the B1 Main Stage 16 – 23 March) is a poetic portrayal of a family on the brink of change. This intimate and intense memory play explores the complex web of love and loyalty that binds families together. Atri Banerjee’s acclaimed production of Tennessee Williams’ semi-autobiographical masterpiece returns as a Belgrade Theatre, Rose Theatre, and Alexandra Palace Theatre co-production in association with the Royal Exchange Theatre. 

Other drama on the B1 Main Stage is Tess from Ockham’s Razor produced by Turtle Key Arts. Tess (10 – 13 April) is a groundbreaking circus adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urbervilles which captures the language, beauty, heartbreak, and yearning of the novel.  

The B2 auditorium will also be host to drama, comedy, and dance productions Boy Out The City (25 – 28 March) will see Coventry’s own Declan Bennett bring his electric and funny debut play to The Belgrade following its successful run at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe; As She Likes It (16 March) a debut play about #MeToo pioneer Patricia Douglas from Chloe Wade, supported by Olivier-Award winning playwright Morgan Lloyd Malcolm;  Roshni (6 April) an intimate crafting of dance and live music which explores the highs and lows of life from the world-renowned Sonia Sabri Company; and Catherine Bohart: Again, with Feelings (26 June), a hilariously twisted second coming of age saga from comedian seen and heard on Live at the Apollo 

New family entertainment in B1 includes Sing-a-long Matilda and Spot’s Birthday Party. 

Sing-a-long Matilda (29 May) gives everyone the chance to be a little bit naughty, sing, and dance to the screening of this hit musical with props and dance routines to boot. 

Spot’s Birthday Party (31 May and 1 June) Join Steve the Monkey, Tom the Crocodile, and Helen the Hippo to say a big Happy Birthday Spot with party hats, songs, dancing and interactive party games. 

These shows join the previously announced spring/summer season, which includes productions such as Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis (23-27 January), Shrek (30 January – 4 February), The Woman In Black (30 April – 4 May), empowering pop musical Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World (7-11 February) and the smash-hit parody musical Stranger Sings (1-2 March). As well as family productions The Gruffalo’s Child (16-18 February) Zog & The Flying Doctors (26-28 March). Full listings and info can be found on our What’s On page.

With a My Belgrade Subscription package, audiences can SAVE 15% when booking for 3 or 4 shows in the Belgrade’s Autumn/Winter Season and 25% when booking 5 or more participating shows. Discounts only apply to full priced tickets in all but the lowest price bands.