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The Spring Blanket

As part of the Over 50s Hub’s piece, the participants asked The Belgrade Crafternooners who are a craft group that meet weekly at the theatre to crochet and knit a giant ‘Spring Blanket’ for use in their performance. The group were delighted to help out and got stuck in with the ambitious project.

As the blanket needed to be so large, the group decided to do a call out to local people to join in the big knit and were thrilled to receive an influx of donations of green wool and knitted/crocheted squares to add to the blanket.

Once each green square was knitted or crocheted, they were sown together to create one big blanket that wrapped around our B2 performance space. The blanket was used as a prop for the performers and represented grass.


The Belgrade and community crafters also created colourful flowers that were used for audience participation in the piece.



Once the giant prop had served its purpose and wowed audiences at the Hubs Festival, the prop was taken apart and made into individual blankets. They were then donated to Age UK to give to elderly and vulnerable people who were very grateful to receive the donation.

A huge thank you to all involved in the Spring Blanket project!